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Youth Conference

Accredited Hosts are youth organizations that register for Exclusive Rights to Use our Program and Platforms. They are the most essential part of The Scholarships 4 Us® Program as it is the in-person experience that Student-Participants, families, friends and spectators will remember the most. Scholarships 4 Us® is designed for Academies, Camps, Clinics, Clubs, Event Managers, Programs, Schools, Tournament Directors and Venue Owners that specialize In The Arts, Esports or Sports

Scholarships 4 Us® recognizes and entrust Hosts to manage Accredited Events in accordance to our Accredited Events Guide. Accredited Hosts are their own business entity that must have a clear and precise mission that directly correlates with The Scholarships 4 Us® Program's purpose. They are also required to provide Articles of Organization/Corporation, proof of General Liability Insurance and sign the Terms and Conditions of Use

The first phase to register as an Accredited Hosts is an introductory meeting which includes: 

Overview- youth organization's mission and service(s)

Review- The Scholarships 4 Us® mission 

Integration- website, social media, marketing agenda and presentation

Sharing Ideas
Accredited Hosts Logo
Accredited Hosts Start-up Bundle

Upon completion of the registration process an Accredited Hosts will...

  • Be found on the Accredited Hosts search page with a link to their business page

  • Receive the Accredited Hosts Start-Up Bundle

  • Become a website contributor using the Wix Mobile Owner App as a 'Check-In Assistant' in order to check-in Student-Participants at their Accredited Events

  • Be provided the Accredited Hosts logo to use in all their publications

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