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Michael Duncombe

When I went to college in 2007 I learned the hard way the importance of having a resource to provide what The Scholarships 4 Us® Program has to offer. I was thankful to be able to participate on National Signing Day and be one of the top football recruits in my class at Truman State University. When I was offered a scholarship I was never informed about any other information that would be required to maintain my enrollment.  

It was not until after my first semester, as I was trying to register for the second, I learned the meaning of having a hold on my Student Account. I had an outstanding balance of over $5,000 which I learned in the future would have been covered if I was informed about FASFA. I would not return to school the second semester as I had to seek private support to co-sign on a private loan in order to transfer to the University of St. Thomas

Michael Duncombe

I founded Scholarships 4 Us® in 2023 as a direct response to the rule change that allows college athletes to profit form their Name, Image And Likeness. I understood that the future was upon us and that there would be a matter of great concern in collegiate athletics if there was no governing legislation to manage the rule change- so what I did was create the foundational template for the collegiate athletic associations to connect with so we can ensure all potential collegiate athletes are eligible to compete in college. 


When I learned that potential collegiate athletes could earn prize money based on placed finish in an event, but loose their eligibility to participate in collegiate athletics based on the governing athletic associations bylaws- I understood the need for an enterprise that will review their bylaws and ensure compliance to their rule Of  Amateurism.


After spending two years of research to learn everything I could surrounding prize money and scholarships I realized just how many different websites it took me to find it. This is the moment I understood how important it is for ALL students to have this information available to them from one comprehensive resource.  


The fundamental opportunity to attend a postsecondary education institution by means of a scholarship has been, since the beginning of time, set-up for the select few. Through my understanding of what a scholarship 'is:' non-taxable income, I wrote The Scholarships 4 Us® Program and designed The Platforms so ALL students can have the opportunity to earn unlimited scholarship funds in our Accredited Events.    

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