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History of      
Scholarships & Amateurism

In the year 1643 the first Academic Scholarship was awarded at Harvard University from a private donor named Lady Anne Radcliffe Mowlson. It was not until the year 1950 when the Athletic Scholarship was established with the NCAA® as its governing body.


Effective July 1, 2021, collegiate student-athletes became eligible to profit from their Name, Image and Likeness. The NCAA® Board of Directors vote permitted student-athletes to profit from sources such as jersey sales, endorsements and media rights.  This has been a long-fought battle as for years postsecondary educational institutions and the NCAA® have profited billions from athletes behind Amateurism


America's 'Education System' (101)

"I don't want a nation of thinkers; I want a nation of workers." -John D. Rockefeller-

First, a postsecondary educational institution becomes accredited which gives it access to government funding. The government primarily provides grants for education, not scholarship funds. Students have access to government funding through what is known as the Pell Grant at an accredited institution. However, these funds are limited and must be distributed through ALL accredited institutions. The accredited institution may raise private funding from other sources to fund the business which is primarily achieved through sporting events or donors and sponsors. 


A Donor is an individual or organization that provides funds that can be used for any means determined by the recipient. In contrast, a Sponsor is an individual or organization that provides funds that must be used for a specific purpose determined by the provider of the funds. This is the reason across America campus buildings are primarily named after an individual(s) or an organization(s). If an individual(s) or an organization(s) provides the funding to build a new athletic complex they are sponsoring that project. 


So what is a scholarship? Remember, you must always understand the source of funding in all business systems. A scholarship, according to IRS Topic. 421, is non-taxable income so long as the amount received is used for enrollment in an educational institution or for necessary supplies required for a course at the educational institution. The source of funding for a scholarship is primarily from other people's money, not the government, and is primarily raised through the institutions' revenue streams or from donors and sponsors which the recipient does not have to pay taxes on. Another common term used for donors and sponsors is Boosters. If you are providing the funding for anything in life then by nature you have an interest in how those funds are going to be used. This is the reason students primarily 'apply' for scholarship funds and are subject to an 'objective' eligibility criterion.  


When students apply for scholarship funds it is primarily through private foundations in which donors and sponsors can receive a tax-deduction for their contribution. These private foundations are referred to as a scholarship provider that must be recognize by the IRS to administer funds on an object and non-discriminatory basis. America's 'education system' is fundamentally funded by donors and sponsors and that is the reason Affirmative Action from a macro perspective is not associated with race but was enacted so that those that can't afford postsecondary education can have a fair opportunity to be a recipient of the funding provided from donors and sponsors. This is where the loophole can be found within the source of 'whom' is the Scholarship Provider? Is it the 'Source of Funding'  or the 'Charitable Organization' that manages the funds? 

Since private funding for postsecondary education is limited to those that have access- the Federal government created the Department of Education that is responsible for the management of funding for students education through Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans. The only difference between the loans is that the interest on subsidized loans is paid by the U.S. Department of Education for a fixed period of time. So what is the source of funding for these loans? The federal government operates on taxation of its' citizens income so therefore the logical conclusion is that the majority of funding is from tax payers money.


Now, all the students are being held accountable by bearing the responsibility to that debt for a system that was designed by the federal government. The system of student loans is broken because the funding for the loan program is primarily through taxation from the citizens which is then getting loaned back to the next generation with interest. There is a reason why students continue to go further into student loan debt and donors and sponsors are still providing a majority of the funding for the 'education system'. 


The comprehensive solution to student loan debt is not forgiveness, but to decrease the amount future students have to borrow. America must use another source of funding that does not come through taxation and can be used for the purpose of education. The Scholarships 4 Us® Program provides a national standardize platform to revolutionize how we use the billion dollar after school youth sports and activities market so citizens' money can go directly to funding The Scholarship System 4 Us. 

Graduating Students

Scholarships 4 Us®

-The solution to student loan debt.-

Scholarships 4 Us® was founded to fund our scholarship system through secondary educational institutions and youth organizations that specialize in the Arts, Sports or Esports, registering as an Accredited Hosts and managing Accredited Events. An Accredited Event is a tournament or competition that awards prize funds based on place finish with the intended purpose for the funds to be disbursed as a scholarship award. The money spent on these after school youth sports and activities is the source of funding for our scholarship system.

  • The Cost of Entry in an Accredited Event is either $40, $80, or $160

25%- Savings Contribution

25%- Event Cost (Expense and Lineage)

The Expense is the fee for the Accredited Hosts and the Lineage is the fee for Scholarships 4 Us® per participant per event.

50%- Prize Funds

  • Top 5 will accumulate Prize Funds based on the following percentages of the total Prize Funds collected:

1st- 40%

2nd- 24%

3rd- 20%

4th- 8%

5th- 8%

  • A student is eligible to enroll in The Scholarships 4 Us® Program on their 12th birthday with an expiration of eligibility on May 31st their senior year of high school.

  • Each student that enrolls will be provided an ESA (Earning and Savings Account) assigned to an Enrollment ID. As the Legislative-Compliance enterprise for potential collegiate athletes and students, Scholarships 4 Us® shall maintain records on behalf of our members that will be found at

  • Student-Participants will accrue savings in every event they participate in and have the opportunity to accumulate Prize Funds if they place Top 5 in the Accredited Event. 

  • Third-party funding to increase the Prize Funds and Savings Contributions are forbidden in an Accredited Event and an Accredited Hosts determined to have initiated or was aware and failed to prevent such transaction will have a revocation of their accreditation.

  • The Scholarships 4 Us® Program is designed for primary educational institutions to receive a percentage of the Expense revenue earned by secondary educational institutions within their district, tax-free, so long as the funds are used according to IRS Topic No. 421. 

  • Scholarships 4 Us® may also determine a limited number of neutral foundations(s), and a system of allocation, that will provide tax-deductions for donors and sponsors so that their funds may be used to directly fund Student-Participants' Cost of Entry in an Accredited Event.

No longer will every student in America have a 97% chance of NOT being selected as a recipient of the 1.7 million scholarships awarded each year or a 98% chance of NOT being offered an athletic scholarship. A scholarship since the first one was awarded almost 400 year ago was never an actual 'thing,' it is 'NON-TAXABLE INCOME.'


America will be united in the modern scholarship system by ensuring that all students are enrolled in The Scholarships 4 Us® Program until the system is not longer useful for our kind. 

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