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Enrollment is Closed


The Scholarships 4 Us Portal™ is a national database to find every registered Accredited Hosts with a link to their own website for Student-Participants to be able to view their upcoming local events. All Accredited Events can be found on the Scholarships 4 Us® website pages: The ArtsSportsEsports. Within the portal, students will “Enroll,” and “Youth Organizations” will register.


Each member will be assigned a unique ID known as a ‘Student-participant’s Enrollment ID’ and an ‘Accredited Hosts ID.’ Accredited Hosts will be provided a payment process solution to be able to ‘Close An Event’ using a fillable form and submit the Lineage and ESA Funds directly to Scholarships 4 Us®. Accredited Hosts will also be able to keep track record of Student-Participants event participation scores (National Ratings) in all subcategories of events.


A Parent, Legal Guardian or Authorized Representative must accompany a student at the time of enrollment If a student is under 18. Once all the questions have been answered you will be transferred to the page to become a member of The Scholarships 4 Us® Program using your assigned ID to have access to purchase tickets to our Upcoming Events.

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