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Youth Organizations are required to provide Articles of Incorporation/Organization, General Liability Insurance and sign the Terms and Conditions of Use at the time of registration. Scholarships 4 Us® is not liable for sustained injuries to participants or attendees of Accredited Events and any misconduct or negligence by the business or venue owner(s) and personnel associated 'with' or 'within' the organization(s).


1. The top priority is to protect the health, safety and well-being of all Student-Participants, families, friends and spectators

2. Scholarships 4 Us® has Zero Tolerance for sexual and other abuse or willful misconduct that jeopardizes the health, safety and well-being of Student-Participants, families, friends or spectators 

3. Any willful action, publicly or privately, that constitutes bigotry, discrimination, hate, physical violence, politicization or any other action determined by the ownership company detrimental to The Scholarships 4 Us® Program shall be subject to Revocation of Accreditation 

4. Student-Participants privacy in relation to The Scholarships 4 Us® Program is to remain confidential unless otherwise expressed by a Parent, Legal Guardian or Authorized Representative

5. All Accredited Event funds must be submitted using the Payment Processing Solution 

6. Act as a liaison and first point-of-contact between participants within The Program™ and Scholarships 4 Us®

7. Build and establish positive relationships in the community to encourage enrollment

8. Ensure all Students are enrolled prior to participating in an Accredited Event

9. Maintain a commitment to host events for different skill and ability levels so that all Student-Participants have a fair opportunity to accumulate prize funds 

10. Use only the Accredited Events that are listed on the website 

11. Create an exclusive environment that develops character, leadership and sportsmanship


Use of 'The Program™' and 'Accredited Events Guide' is for informational and educational purposes only. The Program™ and Accredited Events Guide are not to be reprinted, privately shared or republished 'on' or 'in' any other publication(s). All material and its contents are protected intellectual property rights by the United States Patent​ and Trademark Office® and the U.S. Copyright Office. 

All logos, documents, promotional advertisements and contents of the website are owned by Scholarships 4 Us® and is not permitted to be used by any person(s) or organization(s) other than that of whom is associated and granted permission from the Accredited Hosts. Authorization by the President, Principal or Administrator of Scholarships 4 Us® is required to sign the Terms and Condition of Use- Section 6 of The Scholarships 4 Us® Program.

The 'Platforms' refer to the Cost of Entry and all service rendering companies to operate The Scholarships 4 Us® Program including but not limited to Wix, Inc. (website host) and the portal solution. Accredited Hosts are granted permission to become a Site Collaborator as a ‘Check-In Assistant’ at their Accredited Event using the Wix Mobile ‘Owner App.’ Altering any other Accredited Hosts event is a violation of the Terms and Conditions of Use. 

Any use other than that is stated within the Terms and Conditions of Use may violate copyright, trademark or other applicable laws and be subject to Revocation of Accreditation.

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