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Scholarships 4 Us®

The Rule of Amateurism™

Amateurism has been a concept that is misunderstood and misinterpreted, and therefore caused more harm than good. In the near future, Scholarships 4 Us® may have absolute jurisdiction over Amateurism when The Scholarships 4 Us® Program is recognized by the postsecondary educational institutions as the Legislative-Compliance enterprise for potential collegiate athletes and students.  Every postsecondary educational institution that has a legally binding contract with a collegiate athletic association will have to collectively unite in adopting The Rule of Amateurism™ for the liberation of the Student-Athlete from authoritarianism. 


Furthermore, collegiate Student-Athletes will have to unite in the understanding that they can no longer wait for their 'Financial Share' of the revenue for being a billion dollar asset to postsecondary educational institutions and the collegiate athletic associations. The 'value' of the Cost of Education and the 'value' of Room and Board that has been justified as a 'Fair Share,' in-exchange for services, by the collegiate athletic associations has, since its inception, been breadcrumbs resulting in collegiate athletes being treated like a night walker that has been groomed to be grateful they have a place to sleep and food to eat while their owner relishes in the financial profits from their labor.  


The comprehensive approach to forming a national understanding and enforceable practice of Amateurism is through Scholarships 4 Us®: The Rule of Amateurism™. Eligibility will begin on a students' 12th birthday and expire May 31st their senior year of high school. The idea is that once a student graduates high school they will have fulfilled their Amateurism and will then have the choice to request their Accumulated Prize Funds as Prize Money without affecting their eligibility to participate in collegiate athletics. Scholarships 4 Us® will implement and have jurisdiction over The Rule of Amateurism™ according to the Eligibility Criterion and following principles:

A student is eligible to enroll and maintain enrollment in The Scholarships 4 Us® Program only if

  1. The student has not entered into a verbal or expressed agreement with an agent(s) that may financially profit from their participation, performance, or place finish in a competition or tournament in The Arts, Sports, or Esports

  2. The student has not participated in a professional tryout or signed with a professional team

  3. The student has not accepted any remuneration for participating in a competition or tournament

  4. The student has not accepted prize money based on place finish in a competition or tournament

  5. The student has not agreed to, signed, or received benefits from an NIL (Name, Image, and Like) deal or contract

A Student-Participant MUST notify Scholarships 4 Us® if they forfeit their Amateurism by submitting an Early Disbursement Request of their ESA Funds. Failure to notify Scholarships 4 Us® of willful forfeiture of their Amateurism may result in the forfeiture of a Student-Participants' Accumulated Prize Funds.

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