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An Accredited Event is a recognized competition or tournament by Scholarships 4 Us® that offers prize funds through the usage of our Program and Platforms. All The Scholarships 4 Us Program's™ Accredited Events are designed by Accredited Hosts or Scholarships 4 Us®. Once an event has been accredited using the ‘Accreditation Criterion’ found in the Accredited Events Guide it is uploaded to our website underneath the corresponding category: The Arts, Esports or Sports.

Scholarships 4 Us® defines The Arts as an event in which place finish is determined on a subjective basis. Boxing is recognized as an Art because place finish is determined by the judges that score each round. 


There are three levels of events: Local, Regional, and National. All Regional and National events will use the Scholarships 4 Us® principles which includes purchasing tickets online on our Upcoming Events page. Accredited Hosts are required to adhere to the general principles in all their Accredited Events.

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  • All events are required to have 25 entrants

  • A team event must consist of 25 teams with the same number of participants on each

  • Max participants per team is 25

  • Max participants per event is 625

  • Events operate Thursday-Sunday

  • There shall be no events from July 24th - July 31st and December 17th – January 7th

  • Events must take at least 2-Hours but no more than 72-Hours to complete and performed in the presence of an Accredited Hosts

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Accredited Hosts*

  • An event must be submitted 1-Week in advance using the ‘Create An Event’ template and emailed In .xlsx format to Events with the Subject: Create An Event. Submission day Is every Tuesday between 9:00am - 12:00pm EST.

  • An Event Cancellation must be submitted 48-Hours prior to the start date and emailed to Events with the Subject: Cancel An Event.

  • All events must be closed using the ‘Close An Event’ template and emailed in .xlsx format to Accounts with the template Subject: Close An Event (2.3.24@11am)  every Monday between 9:00am - 12:00pm EST.

  • Both completed event templates will be uploaded to the corresponding portal

  • ‘Lineage Fees are sent every Wednesday

*Regional and National Events ONLY

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  • Tickets go on sale 24-Hours prior to the start of an event and close 1-Hour prior

  • All ticket sales are FINAL and NON-REFUNDABLE

  • Only 1-ticket purchase is allowed per participant per event

  • Taxation will be paid by the buyer according to national, state and/or local applicable laws

  • A Wix service fee applies at 2.5% and Is passed on to the buyer

  • Tickets will be emailed and can either be printed out or the QR Code can be scanned at check-in

  • A Student-Participant that is unable to attend the event will only be credited their Savings Contribution 

*Regional and National Events ONLY

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